Visit of dr Jorge Bernardino de La Serna

  It was a great pleasure to be hosting dr Jorge Bernardino de La Serna and listen to his talk on: “Functional Lipid liquid-liquid immiscibility at immune interfacial barriers” We loved all the imaging!

JOB offer: Research Assistant/Lab manager

Do you want to join our fun and ambitious project on Smart allergen immuntherapy? We want to hear from you! Details and how to apply: Rekrutacja RA lab manager Sonata Bis new apr 2022

Our lovely review is out!

  Thanks to Lilit and Ewa for your hard work!   Published @ Frontiers in Immunology  (IF=7.561)   This work was supported by POIR.04.04.00-00-21FA/16-00 project, carried out within the First TEAM programme of the FoundationContinue reading