Group Leader

 Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak, M.D., PhD, D. Sc.

Professor at the University of Gdańsk

Danuta is an immunologist with a strong interest in allergy and inflammation. After she graduated from the Medical University in Gdańsk, Poland, she moved to the UK, where she undertook research training at the University of Liverpool, investigating Natural killer T cells in rheumatoid arthritis (PhD in 2010).

In 2009 she joined the MRC Human Immunology Unit and the group of Prof. Graham Ogg at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford. There, she developed interest in the role of the epidermal barrier and immunity of the skin, and specifically investigating allergic inflammation in atopic dermatitis as well as basic mechanisms of skin barrier formation.

Danuta presented her research at multiple international congresses and published in numerous immunology, dermatology and allergy journals. She was also distinguished with the “Young Investigator Award” by the British Society for Investigative Dermatology for her substantial contribution to dermatology research.
With the help of the prestigious startup and homing grants from the Foundation for Polish Science and National Science Centre, respectively, she moved back to Gdańsk in September 2017 to initiate a programme of immunological research at the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG-MUG (University of Gdańsk-Medical University of Gdańsk).